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The Snapshot Work Diary & Schedule Checker     
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 The Fatigue Calculator is the ideal tool to plan and randomly check truck drivers' Work Hours, meet your legal obligations and minimise your risk of $1,000 to $50,000 fines. It helps you establish a Reasonable Steps Defence by setting up and checking Schedules and doing random checks of Work Diaries with just a fraction of the time, effort and risk that doing it manually involves. 
The Fatigue Management laws for truck operations are so complex, the only effective and safe way to ensure compliance is to use tools designed by people with expert knowledge of the fatigue laws. SAMS Fatigue Calculator, developed by Steve Shearer, helps you meet your legal obligations and minimise your risk of fines and to establish a Reasonable Steps Defence. It is very effective and practical as a result of Steve's lengthy experience in the industry, his expert knowledge of the new rules - developed during his detailed discussions over the years with police and transport officials as the laws were developed and debated with industry people like Steve - and of how the industry works.
The Fatigue Calculator is an excellent SNAPSHOT CHECKER for up to 14 days of Work Records or Schedules at a time, for one driver at a time. It is ideal for random checking of Work Diary records.
Like the Fatigue Database, the Calculator is simple to use and handles Standard Hours and BFM  for Solo and 2-Up drivers. However the Fatigue Calculator is not a databse, as it is designed to deal purely with Planning Schedules and random checking of Work Diaries. As such it does not provide the far more comprehensive features of the Fatigue Database, such as the health/medical records and the licences etc and it does not produce the same comprehensive range of reports. The Fatigue Calculator does however produce very effective Work Diary Print Out and a 7 or  14-Day Compliance Report.
The new laws require you to comply with from 20 to over 50 complex rules, even under the Standard Hours rules. You MUST  be able to PROVE  that: 
  • You set up schedules that you were satisfied complied with the law;
  • You did not cause or permit drivers to drive whilst impaired by fatigue;
  • You and your drivers complied with the complex new laws, including that under Standard Hrs they:
    •  Had 1/4hr Rest in 5.5hrs, 1/2hr Rest in 8hrs and 1hr Rest in 11hrs;
    •  Did NOT work more than 12hrs in the prior 24hrs at any 15minute period of the day;
    •  Had at least a 7hr continuous Rest Break in every 24hrs; and
    •  Had at least 4 Night Rests (7hrs between 10pm and 8am) and 2 of these were consecutive. 
The Fatigue Calculator helps you manage
the complex new rules, quickly and easily . It’s sophisticated enough to check and monitor the rules but so simple to operate that it takes JUST 4 simple Steps:
  1. Select BFM/Standard hrs;
  2. Enter the Date;
  3. Select a Start Time; and
  4. Simply SELECT the Short Rest Periods (the Calculator shows the latest legal times for Short Rests)


The Fatigue Calculator:
  • Shows when must Rest;
  • Warns you of Breaches;
  • Shows how many hrs left per week/fortnight;
  • Set a max average speed per day and checks that trip legs comply;
  • Checks EVERY 1/4hr period  complies  with max hrs (& Long hrs) in the prior 24 hrs.

 Use the Fatigue Calculator to:

  • Plan schedules and check that they comply and meet your legal Duty of Care as a Scheduler;
  • Audit & check Work Diary pages. Check at least 10% randomly for compliance and this will help meet your Duty of Care to ensure that drivers comply that they are not driving whilst “Impaired by Fatigue”
  • Print out Compliance Reports for the week/fortnight as part of your Reasonable Steps Defence proof.
  • Print out Daily Trip Plans that are set out like a Work Diary - these can acts a Local Area Records too.
As you enter the details for each day, the Fatigue Calculator automatically and instantly:
  • Checks for compliance with the Minimum Rest Rules for EACH of the 3 Periods in a 24 hr Day;
  • Calculates the Total Hrs Worked per Day;
  • Calculates the Total Hrs Worked in the past 24 hrs for EACH 15 Minute Time Interval;
  • Calculates the LONG Hrs (BFM) Worked in the past 24 hrs for EACH 15 Minute Time Interval;
  • Calculates the Total Hrs Worked per Week;
  • Calculates and shows you how many Work Hrs you have LEFT per Week;
  • Calculates the Total Hrs Worked and how many hours are left per Fortnight;
  • Totals the Night and Long Hrs per Day, using the same approach as the authorities;
  • Totals the Night and Long Hrs per Week and warns if you approach/breach the  36hrs/wk limit;
  • Checks for:
    • The Minimum of a 7 Hr Continuous Rest per day;
    • The Minimum of four 7 Hr NIGHT Rests per Fortnight ;
    • The Minimum  of two Consecutive 7 Hr NIGHT Rests per Fortnight;
    • The required 24 hr continuous Rest Breaks under Standard and BFM rules; 
The upper section of each day displays the Breach Warnings and key data as shown in this image. 
You can enter the names and states for each driver and then simply select the driver you need when you are entering their Schedule or Work Diary, their details then appear automatically.
 Compliance Reports:
You can then print a Compliance Report summary that shows each of the two weeks and reports on the breaches in the Schedule or Work Diary. This can be filed with Work Diary sheets as evidence that they complied and/or you can record any corrective action on any breaches.
 Daily Plan Print Outs
You can also print out each day’s, the week’s or fortnight’s Work Plans and give a copy to the driver as aplan of the Schedule. Then use it to visually check any variations by the driver when they submit their Work Diary pages. Note the variations and what if anything you did about it and you’ll be very well placed to  meet your Duty of Care.
The system requirement is Microsoft Excel 2003 or later.

To view images of the Fatigue Calculator or to print copies of PDF brochures, click on the items below.

Fatigue Calculator Data- Day 2

Fatigue Calculator Data- Day 14

Calculator Complance Summary