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Fatigue Database: 
Easily Manage Compliance with the Fatigue & Speed Laws

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The best way of ensuring compliance with the very complex Fatigue Management laws for truck operations is to use a database designed by industry people who are experts in the fatigue laws. SAMS Fatigue Database was developed by Steve Shearer, based on his detailed and practical knowledge of the industry and the Fatigue and Speed laws. Steve has worked with and represented the trucking industry at state and national level since 1995 and has been involved in the development of these laws since day one - fighting hard for the best and most practical outcomes. His extensive ongoing discussions with police and transport officials and his practical knowledge of how the industry works has ensured that the SAMS Fatigue Database is highly effective and practical.

The Fatigue Database helps you manage your operations and drivers' fatigue whilst meeting your legal obligations and minimising your risk of $500 to $50,000 fines. It helps you establish a Reasonable Steps Defence easily and efficiently, based on comprehensive compliance checking and records, with just a fraction of the time, effort and risk that doing it manually involves. 

If just 5% of work days in a 5-truck fleet involve breaches - that's 60 breaches in a year and the cost in fines can easily be over $30,000 and up to several hundred thousand dollars;  so avoiding just a mere handful of such fines more than pays for the Fatigue Database.

The Fatigue Database handles Standard Hrs, BFM & AFM Options and Solo or 2-Up driving and enables you to:

  1. PROVE that your Schedules are legal (under Fatigue and Speed laws) - Scheduler’s Duty Of Care (must provide schedules that you KNOW comply)
  2. PROVE you check drivers' compliance - the General Duty of Care (Not to allow or require driving whilst impaired by fatigue)
  3. PROVE you check that drivers’ MEDICALS and LICENCES are CURRENT – tells you whose licences and medicals are due NEXT month.
  4. PROVE that driver’s Fatigue Training is CURRENT (TLIF courses and Induction) - warns you if BFM/AFM work is allocated to untrained drivers.
  5. PROVE that you track and manage compliance – provides range of comprehensive Reports on compliance of the business and any or all drivers for any period, by depot or operation-wide.
  6. PLAN Schedules and Work using the PREDICTIVE ability of the Database to select available drivers.

YOU Don’t Need to be an Expert the Fatigue Database Does it All For You

WITH JUST A FEW SIMPLE CLICKS you can removes the stress and drama of managing your business’s Fatigue and Speed compliance and meet your legal liabilities, keeping your drivers safe and helping to protect your Business and drivers from major fines.

Just 4 Simple Steps/Clicks: To enter a Work Diary/Schedule and do a full compliance Check you just use the 4 fields in the top left corner of the database screen, shown below to: 

  1. Enter Date (automatic after first record but you can over-write it)
  2. SELECT Standard, BFM or AFM (this is automatic IF you set the default value)
  3. SELECT Shift type
  4. SELECT a Start Time
  5. CLICK on the Short Rest periods. 

Main Screen


  1. Helps Schedule drivers - select from list of drivers who can legally do the job.
  2. Print-out Schedules or Work Diary records for drivers, with a compliance summary.

  1. PREDICTIVE Planning tools:
    1. Calculates and shows when each driver can next start work; and
    2. How many Work hours they’ll have available under Standard or BFM at any date.
  2. Create and re-use STANDARD TRIPS – with just a couple of clicks
    1. You can even alter the start time of a Standard Trip and everything moves forward.
  3. Link Truck/Fleet Number to Trip Records – for easy tracking of infringements.
  4. Maintain Leave Records (from Annual Leave to Workers Comp etc)
    1. Warns if a driver is on leave or will START leave within 7 days and shows return date.
  5. Maintain Medical Records and details of any restrictions and review dates etc.
  6. Maintain Training Records and tracks identified training requirements.
  7. Maintain Compliance History for Drivers and/or business - records and tracks compliance issues and any corrective action taken or outstanding.

At just $1950 ($2145 incl GST) and $550 per additional site licence, the Fatigue Database is exceptional value and Reasonable Steps Defence 'insurance'. A $350 p.a. fee provides for ongoing updates.


As soon as you enter a Date, the Code calculates the Hours Worked and the Night-Long hrs in the prior 7 to 28 days AND shows the hours still available under the 7, 14 and 28 day rules to help you plan and ensure that the driver has the hours available for the job. It even warns you if the driver has LESS than one day’s worth of Work time or one day’s worth of Night/Long Hrs (amber background), if you have exceeded the legal limits (red background) and the Driver’s Night Rest and Consecutive Night Rest status. See the lower half of the image above.

Then the Code does all the work in a flash and comprehensively checks for legal compliance automatically AND indicates Breaches or Compliance and shows you where the Breaches are.


  1. Driver’s prior 14 Days Work Summary.
  2. Driver’s Work Summary for any period.
  3. Compliance per Driver and ALL Drivers,  or by Depot, in any period.
  4. Overall Compliance stats for the business – overall or by depot - in any period.
  5. Drivers who worked in a period – total days work and first and last dates worked.
  6. Medicals and Licences Due NEXT Month – these reports will print out automatically in the middle of the month for next month OR whenever you want;
  7. Outstanding Training;
  8. List of drivers using specified trucks in any period – this can help you easily identify drivers involved in an infringement and then simply print out their records; and
  9. Whatever you need whenever you need it (provided the data is in there).

This report lists the breaches for either a slected driver, or for all drivers, in a specified period in date order.

Its a great tool for identifying the types and frequency of breaches by particular drivers.

It also helps train and counsel those drivers.

 This report shows the totals of each type of breach, as well as the overall total number of breaches AND shows what percentage of all days of work involved each type of breach.

This is an excellent management tool that provides a KEY element of your Reasonable Steps Defence. It helps you prove in an instant that whilst you had one or more breaches, they in fact represent a very minor percentage of your overall work.

Its also a great tool, as are all of the reports, for helping provide data to auditors and/or the authorites.








Errors and Breaches Will Happen – BUT will Your Business be Protected?

No transport business is perfect and no driver group is error-free, so there will be Fatigue and Speed breaches and the fines for each breach can easily be $1000 (and up to 10,000 for individuals) and even up to $50,000 for corporations. The key for your business  is to ensure that YOU

1. Avoid the breaches – plan legal schedules and monitor drivers’ compliance; and

2. Can PROVE, with credible documented evidence, that you took All Reasonable Steps.


Meet Your Legal Duties of Care Cost Effectively and Efficiently

  1. Save an enormous amount of time– checking Work Diaries manually is time consuming and error-prone.
  2. Reduce the stress of keeping track of your drivers’ compliance with Work and Rest Hours.
  3. Meet Your Legal Duties of Care and Easier demonstration of Reasonable Steps by:
    1. Meeting your Legal Duty of Care as Scheduler - check Schedules are legal BEFORE giving them to Drivers.
    2. Meeting your General Duty of Care - to ensure Drivers do NOT "Drive Whilst Impaired by Fatigue"
    3. Keep track of Drivers' medicals and licence renewals.
    4. Check and prove that Schedules do not require speeding.
    5. Check drivers are not speeding by recording and checking Work Diaries.

The new Fatigue Management laws are so complex and the risks of errors through manual record keeping and compliance checking are very high. That’s why more and more operators are adopting SAMS innovative Fatigue Database and other tools and systems to minimise the risk of breaches AND ensure that they have a Reasonable Steps Defence, when the inevitable fatigue and speed breaches do occur. 

Manage Your Training, Health and Leave Records Too
You can take advantage of the Fatigue Database to integrate your Training, Health and Leave record-keeping with your Fatigue Management and Speed Compliance records all within one highly effective and practical systems – increasing your efficiency and making proof of Reasonable Steps all the easier.

System Requirements:
The fatigue Database requires Microsoft Access 2007 or 2010. We are currently finalising an SQL version of the Fatigue Database, which will be ideal for very large fleets and for integration with on-board telemetry systems for automation of data-capture direct from the truck and for the provision of alerts for the driver.
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