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Fatigue Wheels
Fatigue Wheel:
Fatigue Rest Rules Ready-Reckoner
for Drivers and Office Staff

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The SAMS Fatigue Wheel deals with Standard Hrs and BFM Options.

The new Driving Hours Laws are complex and it can be confusing working out what’s legal and what’s not. If a driver breaches by as little as 15 minutes, such as being late for a Rest Break or exceeding the legal maximum hours of work in any 24hr period, it can be very costly, as the fines are substantial, from $500 to $10,000 for individuals. 
The Fatigue Wheel provides Drivers and office staff, with a very easy to use ready-reckoner for checking compliance with the Short Rest Rules. The Fatigue Wheel helps all drivers to understand and work out the rules and helps them plan their trip or change the plan.
Like a lot of great ideas, the Fatigue Wheelis very simple. It is a laminated A5 (1/2 A4 - fits easily in a Work Diary) board with a rotating wheel that lets the user see latest times by which the Short Rests must be taken, given that work started at a specified time, in each of the FOUR prescribed periods under Standard and BFM Hours.
Just turn the dial to align the Start Time with the red start line and then read off the Stanadrd Hrs or the BFM Hrs ring on the wheel to see when the Rest are required. This also helps drivers ensure that they don't breach the maximum Work Without Rest rule, if they take their first rest early - this is a common mistake that can cost the driver $300 to $500. The driver or office staff can also check other rules like the rest time between shifts, track Night and Long Hours under BFM and quickly check any changes to your plan before proceeding. 
There are clear instructions  on its use and basic information on the new Driving Hours laws on the back.
At this price it’s the best investment you could make to guard against breaches and avoid the fines that can be up to $5,000 for serious Breaches.

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